Saint Mazie Background

Saint Mazie Background

Saint Mazie is a novel written by Jami Attenberg and published in 2015. Set in America during the Jazz Age and the Great Depression, Saint Mazie tells the story of a woman living in New York City named Mazie Phillips. She owns The Venice, a famous NYC movie theater. Over the course of the novel, we see the dramatic changes that take place in America, how it affects her community, and how it affects Mazie Phillips herself.

Jami Attenberg, the author of this novel, is an American author and essayist. Having published a few novels so far, Attenberg’s novels have all been fairly well received, and Saint Mazie is one of her latest works. In addition, Attenberg’s essays are published in a few high profile newspapers and magazines.

Throughout this novel, the reader senses the recurring theme of change and how one responds to it. Sure enough, the reader sees Prohibition, the banning of alcohol across the US, affect the party scene in New York City. However, when the Great Depression hits the U.S. and everything changes for the worse, Mazie’s life and her calling change as well.

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