Romeo and Juliet (Film 1996)

help dont even a clue

ive been given a choice help

your local newspaper is publishing a special edition about the 2012 london olympic games.The newspaper wants you to include young peoples view.Write a contribution which gives your view about the 2012 london olympic games.In your contribution you neeed :

-the competitors

-the audience for the games

- the effect on the country holding the games

-any other ideas you may have


Write a magazine article which explainns the importance of one modern invention that you think has reall changes people's this article you need :

-the invention and what it does

-how the invention has changed people's lives

-any advantages or disadvantages the inventin has

any other you may have

please just help me

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Gradesaver has a variety of help available on its website. A perfect example would be itys writing center. We don't assist with composition writing on the short answer forum, and we have been asked to only answer questions directly related to the novel title they're placed under. Gradesaver's writing page may be linked below;

still dont get it