Roger McGough: Poems Summary

Roger McGough: Poems Summary


The poem “Beguiling” is a brief poem, consisting of only one stanza with 4 lines, in which the narrator describes a woman who is so appealing to him that just a fraction of attention from her greatly boosts his physical capabilities.


In the poem “Q” the narrator is joining a queue without knowing its purpose. Upon learning that the aim is to join yet another queue, the narrator is told that even leaving requires joining a third queue, which they promptly (and happily) do.

The Time I Like Best

The poem “The Time I Like Best” is a brief poem, consisting of only one stanza with 5 lines, in which the narrator reflects upon his favorite time of the day, which is early in the morning when they are still sleeping in a warm best and don’t know of any troubles ahead.

The Leader

In the poem “The Leader” the narrator is pleading and begging in a childlike manner to be the leader, though it is never mentioned of whom or what or even who they are speaking to.

Finally the narrator is declared the leader, only to immediately ask someone else (also unspecified) to make a decision.

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