Responsibilities: Poems (1914) Background

Responsibilities: Poems (1914) Background

Published in 1914 by Irish author William Butler Yeats, Responsibilities and Other Poems is a collection of poems about the responsibilities of life and how people must handle them. A play of a similar name and idea was published by Yeats' sister in 1914, with only a few hundred copies sold. Responsibilities is a very important work for the career of Yeats, since it signified the turning point of his writing genre - quite an important figure in Irish literature, this work began his series on the harsh realities of life. Overall, the work was well-received and still displays important themes to the real world.

Known as W.B. Yeats, William Butler Yeats was born in June of 1865. He is well known in Britain as well as his home country of Ireland, connecting the two islands from centuries of disarray. He helped to establish the Abbey theater, relating to his sister that wrote several plays. From the time of his childhood, Yeats was interested in writing, and married Maud Gonne when he was 23 years old. Gonne had a lasting impact on the rest of his poetry, including Responsibilities, which relates greatly to the real world.

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