Red Sky at Morning Background

Red Sky at Morning Background

Written by Richard Bradford, Red Sky At Morning is a World War II fiction novel published in 1968. This novel focuses around a older teenage boy named Josh Arnold.

This coming of age novel begins with Arnold’s father leaving to WWII, and leaving Arnold and his mother alone in New Mexico. Later in the novel, a mine kills Josh’s father. Due to this Josh and his mother move to Sagrado, New Mexico for the sake of security. Although trying to fit in with the new community and people was hard, Josh and his mother learn many life lessons about themselves and people that surround them that they didn’t know before. While Mrs. Arnold learns how to become an independent and freethinking woman, Josh follows his father’s footsteps and becomes an anchor learn about this new strength he had.

Josh also learns to deal with his mother’s extreme racism and depression due to his father’s absence. This classical novel, set in the summer of 1944, targets older teenage boys. Bradford’s use of detail, imagery, and thought provoking diction for dialogue creates a rare combination of comedy and poignancy. This traditional novel is about the enduring spirit of youth and great values of life. This novel is perhaps one of the finest coming of age novels.

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