Ray Bradbury: Short Stories

Ray Bradbury: Short Stories Summary

"The Veldt": A family of four living in a technologically advanced Happy Home struggles to deal with the advance of technology and how to adjust their lives accordingly, particularly in terms of parenting.

"A Sound of Thunder": A dinosaur hunter travels back in time to kill his prey, and he inadvertently creates major repercussions for the future after his time in the past.

"There Will Come Soft Rains": A technologically advanced home attempts to survive beyond the destruction of the family that lived in it.

"All Summer in a Day": Schoolchildren on Venus experience sunshine for the first time that they can remember, while they deprive one of their fellow schoolchildren of that opportunity.

"The Pedestrian": A man is arrested and sent to a regression therapy center because of his love of walking.

"Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed": A family adjusts to their time on Mars as they realize that the planet is changing them.

"The Flying Machine": In China, a man invents a flying machine and is executed for his invention, despite its inherent beauty.

"The Last Night of the World": A couple spends their last night on earth together as if it was an ordinary day.

"The Murderer": A man is detained for his rampant destruction of technological devices and explains his actions.

"The Fog Horn": Two lighthouse workers encounter a monster that responds to the noise of a fog horn every year.

"I See You Never": A Mexican man is deported after overstaying his visa, and he bids farewell to his landlady.

"The Exiles": Censored authors have taken refuge on Mars, and they prepare for the arrival of men from earth.

"The Million Year Picnic": A family of five begins new lives on Mars.