Raging Bull

Raging Bull Glossary


Dull; lacking or interest


Investigate; search or research


Body fat


Home or hospital for people with mental illnesses


Mad; insane


A sect in ancient Israel, known for an emphasis on strict adherence to law; here, used to mean self-righteous or hypocritical people


unlucky or cursed


A racist and derogatory term used toward African Americans by Italian Americans, from the Italian word for eggplant


Famous New York City nightclub. Entertainers like Danny Thomas, Pat Cooper, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis made their debuts at the Copacabana.


Italian for a fool; used to communicate a low opinion of someone's intelligence

Father of the Bride

A 1950 comedy film starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor, and Don Taylor; the film centers on Tracy's character as he attempts to cope with his daughter's forthcoming wedding


To attack with, or as if with, a cannon; barrage


An immoral person; someone who lacks normal moral and mental qualities; someone who exhibits a decline or decay in character


Slang term for woman; literally, an Italian dish of flattened stuffed steak


An erect penis; a despicable person

"Throwing " a fight

Purposefully losing a sporting event, usually for monetary gain

Madison Square Garden

A huge, famous indoor arena for sports and concerts in the New York City borough of Manhattan

Laurence Olivier

A celebrated English actor renowned for his portrayal of Shakespearean characters: King Lear, Hamlet, King Henry V, and Richard III

On the Waterfront

An Elia Kazan film starring Marlon Brando as Terry Maloy, an ex-boxer who struggles to stand up to his corrupt union boss. The film resonates with Jake, who recites the film's famous "I could have been a contender" monologue in Raging Bull.

Technical knockout (TKO)

A technical knockout (TKO) is declared when the referee decides that a contender cannot safely continue a match

"Take a dive" (boxing)

To feign a knockout; lose intentionally