Quicksand Background

Quicksand Background

Quicksand is a novel written by renowned author Nella Larsen, published in 1928. As there are direct links and correlations between the life of Nella Larsen and fictional character Helga Crane, both of whom are mixed race, this book can also be classified as a semi-autobiographical. Moreover this established text discusses themes and ideas about racially mixed characters and their struggles caused by cross-culture. Consequently, Quicksand was perceived as slightly controversial at the time it was first released due to racial segregation.

The story follows young interracial protagonist Helga Crane as she attempts to rediscover herself and her motivations for life. Throughout, the immense social prejudice involving both race and gender are portrayed, showing that these detrimental qualitative indicators can severely impact one's life. Despite all of this, Helga Crane does eventually find a stable situation.

This book was both well-received and hated by critics and readers alike, due to the motifs and ideals explored which were considered contentious. It was not a recipient of any awards.

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