Queen Elizabeth's Speech at Tilbury Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    How does Elizabeth show her troops that she stands alongside them?

    Elizabeth's appearance definitely showed her to be ready for battle as she wore portions of armor over her customary heavy velvet gown. This showed her to be battle-ready. More than her appearance, though, her words also demonstrated a readiness to fight alongside her troops; she proclaims herself ready to live and die among them, suggesting a willingness to enter battle. She reiterates this by declaring that she will take up arms and be their general.

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    Why did Elizabeth need to be mindful of the threat of treachery?

    The threat of treachery was constant and the main reason for the trepidation of Elizabeth's advisers when it came to a war against Spain. The threat from closer to home was also rooted in religious differences, with the Catholic Plantagnets determined to steal Elizabeth's throne for Mary, Queen of Scots. The kingdom was under such great threat from this treachery that it was always possible that some of Elizabeth's trusted circle to betray her and work with the enemy. This is one of the main reasons for the need for vigilance.

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