Pygmalion Character List


a poor girl who was thrown out by her parents as soon as she was old enough to make a living selling flowers on the street

Eliza Doolittle

the same person as Liza; what she begins to be called when she acquires a genteel accent and set of manners under Higgins's tutelage

Henry Higgins

a professor of phonetics who takes on Liza as a pupil as a dare, or as an experiment

Colonial Pickering

an Englishman who has served in India and written in the field of liguistics there; a perfect gentleman who always treats Liza with utmost kindness

Mrs. Higgins

Henry's mother, who disapproves of her son's wild ways and who takes Liza under her wing

Mrs. Pearce

Higgins's housekeeper; an extremely proper and class-aware lady, she heartily disapproves of the experiment


a poor, genteel young man who falls in love with Eliza


Freddy's sister, who regards Higgins as marriageable

Mrs. Eynsford Hill

Freddy's and Clara's mother

Mr. Doolittle

Liza's father, who amuses Higgins very much; he comes into a fortune after the death of an American millionaire to whom Higgins had recommended him