Proof of an External World Background

Proof of an External World Background

GE Moore is an English philosopher born on November 4, 1873 in Upper Norwood, London. Moore grew up in a family of academics - some were poets, other were professors, and all were dedicated to the arts and humanities. He received his primary education at Dulwich College and later enrolled in Trinity College, Cambridge to study classics. Moore is best known for his criticism of philosophy during his time. Philosophy was very much outdated and failed to take into account the significant scientific advancements that came out of the Renaissance.

In one of the papers, Proof of an External World, Moore argues that there is a perfectly sound and reasonable argument for the existence of an external world. If an individual raises one hand and subsequently raises the other, then there must be two hands that exist. This example is the crux of Moore’s argument.

Proof of an External World is undoubtedly one of Moore’s more well-known works, but he has contributed so much to the philosophy world throughout his career. Moore eventually passed on October 24, 1956 at age 84.

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