Private Peaceful Background

Private Peaceful Background

Published in 2003, Private Peaceful is a young-adult novel by English author Michael Morpurgo, who is most notable for his children's book War Horse. The book is essentially a soldier telling about his experiences on the battlefield serving in the army in World War I. Despite its somewhat common premise, it has a very rich and in-depth storyline.

Private Peaceful follows Thomas "Tommo" Peaceful. The reader learns from his perspective his life growing up, and eventually, when he is drafted to fight in Belgium in WWI. The core of the story comes when his childhood friend, Charlie, is accused of cowardice after he refuses to leave Tommo's side when he is injured on the battlefield, and is executed.

The novel was adapted into both a play and a film both of the same name. The latter was directed by Pat O'Conner, and starred Jack O'Connell and George MacKay. Like the book, it was overall critically well-received.

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