Pretties (The Uglies) Metaphors and Similes

Pretties (The Uglies) Metaphors and Similes

Pretty life tenuous as a soap bubble

After the costume party and the incident where she met one of the friends from the Smoke, Tally has finally become a Crim. It is all she ever wanted since she came to New Pretty Town. Even though she's happy that everything turned out perfect Tally subconsciously foreshadows that her pretty life is fragile and tenuous as a shivering soap bubble.

Humanity is a disease, cancer on the body

Dr. Cable approaches Tally to ask her to join the Special Circumstances. From the recent events Dr. Cable apparently started seeing potential in her. Tally refuses and accuses Dr. Cable of the cruelty of what she and the Special Circumstances are doing to people, making them forget themselves. Dr. Cable argues with the example of Rusties who destroyed themselves and almost all life resources and justifies that what they are doing by altering the humanity is preventing that from happening again. She believes that humans are a plague, a disease, a cancer on the body.

Earth expanding like a huge predator

Tally takes a risk and jumps off the hot air balloon after being held up by Peris who changed his mind at the last minute. Her only hope is a thin line of river that she noticed above that might make her hover board catch her. As she is falling the dark horizon of earth is expanding before her like a huge predator advancing towards her.

Kittens in a pile

Tally found herself in a hunters' camp where the people see her as a god. After a long night of talking to them she went to sleep among the people. It is a cold night and people are sleeping in rows tangled with each other to keep warm. As instinct is a huge part of these people's way of living this sort of thing doesn't have a sexual air around it, it is purely to keep warm, like kittens in a pile.

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