Preludes Character List

The winter evening

The winter evening experiences an orderly transition from day to night through the smells of dinner being cooked.


The poem uses the second person to address a pedestrian in the first prelude whose feet get covered in the detritus of withered leaves and scraps of newspaper.

In the third prelude, it is a woman with insomnia and visions who is addressed in the second person.

A cabhorse

A lonely creature, steaming with warmth on a cold rainy evening, stamping with impatience.

The morning

The morning wakes up in the second prelude with of the smell of stale beer from the night before.


A thinking subject in the second prelude, who has a hyperbolic vision of uniformity of the city.


The fourth prelude refers obliquely to Christ when it describes "His soul stretched tight across the skies"; He is also described as an “infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing.”