Pragmatism and Other Writings Background

Pragmatism and Other Writings Background

Pragmatism and Other Writings is a collection of William James’ writings and lectures that was compiled and published in 2000. Though his philosophical writings were concentrated in the late 1800s, this collection compiles some of the most engaging and central ideals of James.

William James is a well known American psychologist -- some call him the father of American psychology -- , philosopher, and leader of Pragmatism as well as functionalism. His writings and lectures touch on a wide variety of topics, including philosophy, religion, politics, and psychology.

James is probably most well known for leading the development of the concept of American pragmatism. Pragmatism in this sense is a set of doctrines that explain how concepts are actually defined by their practicality and how they are employed in action. Here, in Pragmatism and Other Writings, the full text of ‘Pragmatism’ as well as 'The Meaning of Truth', 'Psychology', 'The Will to Believe', and 'Talks to Teachers on Psychology' is included.

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