Porcelain Background

Porcelain Background

Porcelain is a play written and directed by Singapore playwright Chay Yew. The play was released in 1993 in the United Kingdom, and was later moved to the London Royal Theater. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Yew said about the play, "A lot of people want answers from the theater. The theater does not give answers." However, Yew later said that he hoped this play would lead people to the answers of the questions of why life in countries like his own can be so hard. The play was well received, and Yew thought up the plot from an experience during his time at Boston University.

Chay Yew is a playwright and director born in 1965 in Singapore. Porcelain is one of his most famous plays, and was released early in his writing and directing career. Being only his second play, his third, "A Language of Their Own", was also received very well. Having received numerous awards for his abilities over the years, Yew still works as a playwright.

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