Poor Things Background

Poor Things Background

First published in 1992, Poor Things is a novel by the Scottish author and artist Alasdair Gray. The novel is set in the Victorian era, and takes into account some of Gray's views on inequality and relationships. The main character of the novel is Bella Baxter, who is upset with her husband's interpretation of her in his autobiographical book. Her husband, Archibald McCandless, described her as a typical Victorian woman, which Bella is upset with. This causes some uncertainty among locals, and further adds to Bella's unreliable reputation. Though the novel does focus on serious themes, it infuses much humor, stereotypicality, and hyperbole into its narratives. The novel also has illustrations, much like a kids book, that were also drawn by Gray.

Born in 1934, Alasdair Gray is a famous 20th century novelist and artist. He first gained acclaim with his 1981 novel Lanark, which took him over thirty years to complete. Poor Things is another one of his famous works, and it won him a Whitbread novel award and a Guardian Fiction Prize.

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