Plain Truth Irony

Plain Truth Irony

Not exactly useful milk

Being pregnant, Katie Fisher drinks milk, but she does not suspect that this drink will harm her baby. The baby dies of “asphyxia, which is due to premature delivery, which is caused by chorioamnionitis, which is caused by listeriosis”. This chain of diseases ends with the fact that, ironically, milk is not a useful drink for the baby, but a poison.

Deception for their own good

Once Ellie needs to make a call, but the Amish forbid using cellular communication and electricity. Ironically, Ellie can get a decent signal in Lancaster County – “some of the more progressive Amish farmers agreed to allow cellular towers on their land for a fee” that negates the need to grow a winter crop. The Amish farmers set rules that they violate afterward.

Pregnant virgin

Katie Fisher affirms that she will not have sex before taking marriage vows. However, Ellie knows that Katie is not a virgin, because she was pregnant. Ellie says ironically, “So now we have a virgin birth”. Katie does not admit her sin, but the girl does not understand that the lawyers, judges, and medical experts are not stupid people. They know the truth.

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