Peter Porter: Poems Summary

Peter Porter: Poems Summary

Your Attention Please

A poem announcing the outbreak of World War III in the style of a BBC broadcast anchor reading the nightly newscast.

The Historians Call Up Pain

The torture of the infamous heretic John of Leyden is referenced to reveal the lack of passion and meaning in modern society even when stalking the very same avenues traveled by those passionate legends of yore.

Sydney Cove, 1778

Inspired by a book that collected that journals kept by settlers of Australian as a means of creating juxtaposition between the lofty ideals of colonialism and the ugly, harsh reality of everyday life required to realize those lofty ideals.

Mr. Roberts

The title character becomes mythologized from mere principal of the poet’s school to iconic symbol of pretentiously unmindful standardization of that which cannot be standardized.

The Sadness of the Creatures

What sounds almost like the title of a low budget horror flick turns out to be, in fact, a horror story. The horror is living in third-floor walkup surrounded by residents of a predatory society.

Civilization and its Disney Contents

A highly literate rail against the system that seems designed solely for the purpose of distracting humans from great achievements by keeping them focused on the trivialities of life.

The Civil War

Against charges of a sort of Luddite-esque neophobic response to the world changing, the poet steps forward to proclaim unpopular truths about the evolutionary track toward homogeneity and lack of sharp edges that, while unpleasant to the touch, possesses the power to stimulate a response.

On This Day I Complete My Fortieth Year

This milestone anniversary is marked by contemplation of what might have been had the anesthetic acceptance of basic European conformity and acceptance of a pervasive gloom not sent its siren song from England to Australia.

Recreational Drugs

The poet admits to his addiction: his drug of choice has always been Reason which offered protective coverage against the corrosive effects of the doomsayers.

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