Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Background

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Background

Percy Jackson is the thirteen year old hero of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of fantasy novels directed at the young reader and based on the stories told in ancient Greek mythology. Percy himself is the child of the god Poseidon and a human, which makes him a demigod himself - partly a god, but mortal like a human. Sea of Monsters is the second book in the series, the sequel to The Lightning Thief. As a demigod, Percy has both human and mythological friends, and this particular novel follows Percy and his pals as they try to rescue Grover, who is a satyr (a nature spirit in human form with a horse tail and ears) from a cyclops, a terrifying creature with only one eye that is square in the middle of the forehead. Percy's adventure also allegorizes that of Jason, who along with his army of Argonauts, brought back the golden fleece for King Pelias. Percy also brings back the golden fleece, which protects his camp from attack.

This novel, like its predecessor, is appreciated by both young adult readers and by educators, because it teaches classical Greek mythology in the genre of fantasy adventure. The book's heroes are children who overcome the threats posed by some of the more fearsome mythological characters, such as Cyclops, and they also teach readers Ancient Greek history, contextualizing it by making it the backdrop for the adventures of a seventh grade boy. This has become something of a trademark for Riordan, who followed up the Percy Jackson stories with a series based on Norse mythology.

The novel received a number of awards, including the prestigious Mark Twain Award in 2009; Riordan had also won this award in 2008, for The Lightning Thief. The novel has sold over one million copies worldwide, and was also adapted as an audio book that lasted for almost eight hours, and it was also made into a graphic novel. As the first Percy Jackson before it, the novel was optioned for the big screen,

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