Paul's Case Summary

Paul's Case Summary

Paul came to the headmaster’s office to ask his permission to get back to school. He didn’t really want that; it was his least favorite place and every minute he spent there was considered wasted. It was his father’s demand and since the boy lived in his house, he had to follow his father’s advice. The list of the boy’s crimes was rather peculiar. In spite of the fact that his grades were not good enough to consider him a diligent student, Paul had never done anything particularly terrible to earn suspension. It was his obvious, though silent, disgust towards the school stuff that irked the teachers even more than his careless attitude.

They came to the headmaster’s office to tell him everything they thought of him. They called to mind a circle of children who gathered to torture a kitten. Paul remained silent, a nervous and sheepish smile was dancing on his lips. His real life usually started in the evening. He worked at Carnegie Hall and adored his job. The boy had wanted to become either a musician or an artist, and he dreamt of being a part of that splendid world where people who worn fancy dresses and visited the most fashionable restaurants, theaters and exhibitions dwelled. However, it wasn’t a life his father wanted for him.

The man couldn’t understand him and his strange ideas. Paul was sick and tired of Sabbath school, ordinary houses, and a dull and colorless existence, so when his father made his boss to fire Paul, the boy made up his mind to steal some money and realize one of his biggest dreams. He arrived in New York in the morning and that was the moment when his adventure started. He bought the most elegant clothes he could only find, rented a room in one of the most fashionable hotels, and even ordered fresh flowers. He spent several days like that, living a life that suited him just perfectly. Paul learned that his father had found out about money and his whereabouts, so he had to act quickly. The boy didn’t even want to think about the life that waited for him after his visit to New York. Paul jumped under a train to avoid a meeting with father and going home. He understood his mistake too late to be able to save himself.

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