Pantomime Glossary

Pantomime Glossary


Style of entertainment in which all meaning is expressed through physica movement with no spoken words and usually no vocalized sound at all.


The inability to sleep.


Musical style popularized in West Indies utilizing syncopated African rhythm and lyrics typically lauding the tropical island lifestyle.

Robinson Crusoe

The title and name of main character in novel by Daniel Defoe about a white Englishman shipwrecked on an island who eventually finds a companion in a native black man he calls Friday.


To hold a preconceived idea of someone or something without any justified basis.


A therapeutic treatment for dealing with cultural differences between people in which each adopts the role of the other and attempts to engage in discourse from that other perspective as a mean of working toward understanding. .


The process of imposing dominance upon a surbordinate group through forced assimilation into the dominant culture without then extending all rights and recognition to colonized entity.


Literally: near-sighted. Figurative: focusing so much on the details that one is unable to see the larger issues.


A political strategy of extending a power and influence through diplomacy or force.


Marginalization of a people through segregation, exclusion and disqualification from certain privileges.


To speak in an unfavorable way about someone; to defame.


The practice of using flattery and other subtle emotional manipulation to get one’s way.


A performance that put on without a written script in which the details, narrative thrust, plot twists and dialogue are created within the moment.


An infringement upon others; slowly displacing the space, traditions or culture that belongs to another.


A manner of behavior without consideration for the feelings of others though no actual direct offense may be intended.


Experiencing profound emotional anxiety or physical pain.


The processes of a member of one culture assuming the attributes or social patterns of a different culture.


To corrupt or pollute something; to tarnish existing purity


Righteous anger toward a violation of common decency,


A state in which a person or culture is conditioned to unquestioningly obey the orders of another.

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