Ovid: The Love Poems Background

Ovid: The Love Poems Background

Ovid was an ancient Roman poet living from the 20th of March, 43 BC, to 17 or 18 CE. First published in 16 BC, the Amores were Ovid's first completed book of poetry. Originally, the poems had been published in five books, but Ovid later edited them down to the three books that remain today.

Following in the footsteps of older poets such as Tibullus and Propertius, Ovid's love poems are written as erotic elegies. As such, the poems are written using the elegiac couplet. Dissimilarly to his predecessors, Ovid makes the genre his own by exaggerating the tropes common in erotic elegies until they become humorous. Ovid's love poems are considered to have made major contributions to the Latin love elegy genre.

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