Out of Our Past Background

Out of Our Past Background

Carl Degler is an American author born on February 6, 1921 in Newark, New Jersey. At a young age, Degler demonstrated an interest in history and literature. He attended Upsala College and earned a BA in history and later his master’s degree at Columbia University. Starting 1952, he started teaching at Vassar College for 16 years. He was later hired by Stanford University and he worked there as a professor until his retirement.

During Degler’s career as an educator, he published numerous non-fiction novels. In 1959, he published Out of Our Past: The Forces That Shaped Modern America which details US foreign policy in a way that is understandable and engaging. Later editions of the book include more and more sections about women’s role in government, an effort to champion inclusivity and diversity. Out of our Past provides a comprehensive look on how America came to be the great force it is today.

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