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Our Mutual Friend Character List


Lizzie is a daughter of Mr Hexam, a poor man who “earns” money by catching dead people in the river and robbing them. She has a brother Charley. She is a beautiful 18-19-year-old girl, when the story takes place. She is honest and hardworking, she is sincerely attached to her father and brother. At the end of the story her dream comes true – she devotes her life to her beloved man.

Eugene Wrayburn

Eugene Wrayburn becomes Lizzie’s love at the end of the story. He originates from a noble family. At the beginning of the story he doesn’t have any work, but he doesn’t even try to find it, he is a “true” scapegrace. When Eugene meets Lizzie in the moment when her father dies, he supports her and then falls in love with her, but he goes on being as easy-going as he was before. Only after Lizzie saves him from being killed, he changes his mind, becomes more responsible and gets married with the girl.

John Harmon (John Rokesmith)

John Harmon (John Rokesmith) is the son of a garbage man Mr Harmon. He drove John's 14-year-old son out of the house and has not seen him since that time. In his last will Mr Harmon states that his son will inherit all his money if he marries an unfamiliar Bella Wilfer, and if this marriage does not take place, the legacy passes to the old servant of Harmon, Noddy Boffin. But when John returns to London, he becomes a victim of robbery and is declared of being dead. In fact, he remains alive, takes an assumed name, meets Bella and becomes the secretary of Boffin. He truly falls in love with the girl, but she is not interested in a poor man, she has much greater ambitions. But in the end of the story she changes her mind and they get married.

Silas Wegg

Silas Wegg is described by the author as “a knotty man, and a close-grained, with a face carved out of very hard material, that had just as much play of expression as a watchman's rattle. When he laughed, certain jerks occurred in it, and the rattle sprung. Sooth to say, he was so wooden a man that he seemed to have taken his wooden leg naturally, and rather suggested to the fanciful observer, that he might be expected--if his development received no untimely check--to be completely set up with a pair of wooden legs in about six months. Mr Wegg was an observant person, or, as he himself said, 'took a powerful sight of notice'.” He was hired by Mr Boffin for reading books for him and his wife. Wegg envies Mr Boffin and once tries to intimidate him, but he doesn’t manage to do it.

Noddy Boffin and his wife

Noddy Boffin and his wife are former servants of Harmon's father, naive, but kind and noble people, the only ones whom the embittered miser Harmon trusted. The author says that living among the garbage mounds, they have kept their uncompromising conscience and honor clean. Both of them were very fond of John when he was a child. When they became rich, the couple of Boffins trying to meet the new position clumsily and amusingly – in particular, Boffin hires Wagg to read "smart books" and improve his education. Goodness is combined with a hard in Boffin’s character combines kindness and rigidity, as it can be seen from the conversation with the Lamlies and from the last scene with Wagg. After learning the John Harmon’s secret, Boffin gives him all inherited money.

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