Orientation: And Other Stories Background

Orientation: And Other Stories Background

A former Stegner fellow and a current creative writing teacher at the University of Idaho, Mr. Daniel Orozco, receives more and more recognition as a prominent short story writer. His debut collection of works Orientation that consists of 9 unconnected stories was published in 2011 and was critically acclaimed. Not to mention that some of his works had already been featured in the Pushcart Anthology alongside the best American short story writers. If it doesn’t confirm that there is a new start in the world of contemporary English-speaking literature, then what does?

This collection that is described as “long-anticipated”, “darkly funny”, “profoundly compassionate” portrays loneliness that is one of the most distinctive features of modern-day culture and the confusing absurdity of it. The writer doesn’t judge, he just shows the different bits of people’s lives the way they are. The whole collection leaves a slightly bitter feeling, for it is impossible to get rid of a thought that all of that could be happening right now. For now, both critics and readers await publishing of his novel. No one hesitates that this finalist for a National Magazine Award in fiction is going to surprise us pleasantly.

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