One Child Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Why did Torey Hayden write this book about her time with Sheila?

    Hayden wrote the book not only to show the positive qualities in herself but also those that she was able to bring forth in Sheila and all of the other member of her class. Mostly written to portray important themes, the book was published to provide an inspiration to all of its readers. One important theme in the novel is empathy, and it is shown by Torey through all of the time she spends doing positive things for her patients. A unique autobiography, One Child expresses important details that not everyone in today's world understands.

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    What is the purpose of the author adding in the scene where Torey and Sheila dress each other's hair?

    The event itself isn't that important, but it is a stepping stone to the success that Sheila will see later in the novel. Before this event, Sheila hasn't opened up as much, and after it she seems to be more like a "normal child" and shows signs of mental growth. Although it isn't important in the whole scheme of the novel, it is an integral part of illustrating it's important themes.

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