One-Bedroom Solo Background

One-Bedroom Solo Background

One-Bedroom Solo is a compilation of poetry and other works by Latina writer Sheila Maldonado. It was published in 2011 by Fly by Night Press, and is her debut poetry collection.

The poems Maldonado wrote in One-Bedroom Solo are deeply personal, entrenched in Latin American culture. The topics vary, from poems on her childhood, to her family, to her experiences growing up and maturing in the world. Through her witty, contemporary voice, her poems, each unique in its own right, convey together a sense of a beautiful, vibrant, colorful culture.

One-Bedroom Solo was critically well-received, with prominent poet Elaine Equi saying, "In Sheila Maldonado's work, it's as if the great voices of Latin American poetry are speaking through a contemporary American woman and remixed to the beat of her own particular urban swagger and wit. It's a song that can contain pop culture, social satire, linguistic hi-jinx, and a funky sense of form." Other critics similarly praised Maldonado's lyrical voice in the poems.

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