On Revolution Background

On Revolution Background

Published in 1963 by the German author Hannah Arendt, On Revolution is a book that glorifies the events of the American Revolution, and says that the French Revolution was meaningless compared to it. Arendt claims that the leaders of the American Revolution were people that truly wanted to stand up for a cause.

This in itself is true, but she falsifies fact by saying that the leaders of the French Revolution were not as interested in change. She calls the French Revolution "an assault for bread", when, in fact, the French Revolutions resulted in much more widespread governmental change in Europe than the American Revolution did in America.

Born in 1906, Hannah Arendt is a German female philosopher and political theorist. A Jewish survivor of World War II, Arendt grew up in a middle-class Jewish family in Germany. Later, the family moved to America, and this is where she passed away. Arendt's works have a wide range of topics. In some of her essays, she even discusses the governmental form of totalitarianism.

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