Notorious Cast List

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actress who was known for her striking beauty as well as her incredible talents as an actress. After first appearing in Swedish films, she broke into Hollywood with the American remake of a Swedish film called Intermezzo: A Love Story. That film made her a star, and she was recognized early on for her authenticity (she elected not to change her name or anything about herself in order to better fit in with Hollywood standards) and her sensational talents. She next starred opposite Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, a film whose reputation exceeded Bergman's estimation. She said of the film, "There is something mystical about it. It seems to have filled a need, a need that was there before the film, a need that the film filled." Next she was nominated for her role in For Whom the Bell Tolls, before winning the Academy Award for Gaslight in 1944. Collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock included Spellbound, Notorious, and Under Capricorn. She was nominated again for an Academy Award for her performance in Joan of Arc.

In 1950, she starred in the film Stromboli made by the Italian director Roberto Rossellini, with whom she would have an affair (which caused a huge scandal in the United States). Following the scandal Bergman married Rossellini, and the couple had two daughters. Other films with Rossellini include Europa '51, Viaggio in Italia, Giovanna d'Arco al rogo and La Paura. Later film roles include Anastasia (for which she won an Academy Award), Cactus Flower, Murder on the Orient Express, Ingmar Bergman's Autumn Sonata (which earned her her 7th Academy Award nomination), and A Woman Called Golda, about Israeli prime minister Golda Meir.

Cary Grant

Cary Grant was one of Hitchcock’s favorite actors and his go-to protagonist. Born in England, he started out onstage and in vaudeville before switching over to film. He had a long Hollywood career and is known for being one of the industry's quintessential leading men. His films include Blonde Venus, Bringing Up Baby, His Girlfriend Friday, The Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace, I Was a Male War Bride, Penny Serenade, None but the Lonely Heart, North by Northwest, Notorious, Suspicion, To Catch a Thief, Indiscreet, The Touch of Mink, and Charade.

Even though he was an iconic figure in films, Cary Grant never won an Oscar, until he was presented with an honorary one by Frank Sinatra in 1970.

Claude Rains

Claude Rains was an English actor who made his debut in 1933's The Invisible Man. His other roles include The Adventures of Robin Hood, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wolf Man, Casablanca, Notorious, and Lawrence of Arabia. He won a Tony Award for his performance in the play Darkness at Noon. He was nominated several times for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, including for his role as Alexander Sebastian in Notorious.

Leopoldine Konstantin

Konstantin was an Austrian actress who appeared in countless stage productions as well as silent films before WWI. Notorious is her only American film role, which she won after months of working at a factory and speaking no English.

Louis Calhern

Calhern was an actor of stage and screen and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1950 for his portrayal of Oliver Wendell Holmes in The Magnificent Yankee. He appeared on Broadway numerous times, and appeared in such films as Duck Soup, Anie Get Your Gun, The Asphalt Jungle, Julius Caesar, The Red Pony, Notorious, and High Society.

Reinhold Schünzel

Ironically enough, Reinhold Schünzel was a Jewish German actor who was permitted by the Nazis to make films in Germany, before he eventually left Germany and came to America.

Ivan Triesault

Triesault was an American actor who was born in Estonia. Some of his films include The Story of Dr. Wassell, Notorious, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Batman, and The Wild Wild West.