Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood Character List

Toru Watanabe

A student studying drama at a university in Tokyo, he was best friends with Kizuki back when they attended high school together in Kobe. He considers himself a very ordinary person.


Kizuki's girlfriend, also from Kobe, who goes to Tokyo for university after Kizuki's suicide. She becomes very quiet, has trouble finding words sometimes, and has incredibly clear, bottomless eyes.

Midori Kobayashi

An underclassman Toru meets in his History of Drama class with a short haircut and a quirky, exuberant personality.


Toru's best friend and Naoko's boyfriend, he killed himself without explanation when he was seventeen.


An upperclassman in Toru's dorm studying in the Faculty of Law at the prestigious Tokyo University and looking to join the Foreign Service. Supremely self-confident, intelligent, and driven, he does not feel for other people and spends his time womanizing.

Midori's father

A man dying of brain cancer. He loved his wife so much that he told Midori and her sister that he would have preferred for them to die in her place.


Nagasawa's girlfriend. She is a very well composed and skillful girl who, like her boyfriend, attends a prestigious university.

Storm Trooper

Toru's dorm roommate, a stuttering, eccentric, and kind young man studying geography.

Reiko ishida

Naoko's roommate at Ami Hostel, a woman in her late thirties who was on her way to becoming a concert pianist until a nervous breakdown ended her career. She plays guitar and smokes.


A painting student whom Toru gets to know briefly while Midori is ignoring him. Toru talks with him about relationships.