Nashville Background

Nashville Background

Nashville is a musical comedy movie, starring the city of Nashville. The movie is both directed and produced by Robert Altman, and the screenplay is by Joan Tewkesbury. The movie was released in 1975 and is known for the heavy influence the music has of its era, even though many see the music of the movie as timeless.

The story involves twenty-four main characters in the city of Nashville. The plot follows these characters in five days, which all happen to be the five days before the rally of the replacement Parties candidate, Hal Walker.

The movie itself had a great reception, as it typically received positive critical responses, even though The New York Review of Books, The Village Voice and The New York Times all expressed critical and negative opinions of the movie, as they though it was both “superficial” and “overrated”. All in all, the movie was a box office success and it won several awards, such as the Oscar for the Best Original Song in 1975.

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