Naked Masks Background

Naked Masks Background

Naked Masks is a collection of five plays by Luigi Pirandello, who is a highly celebrated dramatist. Luigi Pirandello was born in 1867 and was educated in Rome. In 1889, he published his first work, a collection of poems called Mal Giocondo. Later he published several other collections of poems, critical essays, novels, short stories and maybe the most important, plays. Pirandello was given the Nobel Prize in 1934.

The collection includes the plays Liolà, It Is So! (If you Think So), Henry IV, Six Characters in Search of an Author and Each in His Own Way.

Eric Bentley is the editor of this collection. An international theater authority, Eric Bentley has translated some of the plays to English. He also wrote the introduction and some of the appendices for the book.

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