My Year Background

My Year Background

My Year is both a review of a life and a countdown to death; during the final year of his life, Roald Dahl kept a detailed journal, and month by month looked back on his journey, his experiences and the decisions that he made that led him to be sitting at his desk in that moment. The resulting book is a hodgepodge of autobiographical details, political perspectives and handy helpful household tips. Like the journal, it seems that Dahl's life is neatly quartered into the different seasons, of spring, summer, fall and now winter.

The publication based on Dahl's journals was published posthumously three years after his death. It was a surprise to many who knew Dahl predominantly as the most popular children's author of all time, or perhaps the macabre storyteller who created Tales of the Unexpected. Dahl's best-known work remains Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's popularity surely due to the fact that it combines the two favorite things of most children, adventure and candy. Dahl's books have sold over two hundred and fifty million copies worldwide.

Dahl fell victim to a rare blood cancer and passed away in 1993. His family gave him a Viking-style funeral, and like Scandinavian ancestors, he was buried with some of his most treasured possessions, which included his pool cues and his favorite Burgundy wine.

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