Murder, My Sweet Irony

Murder, My Sweet Irony


Marlowe goes with Moose to Florian's club to look for Velma. He takes one look at the place and knows that there is going to be trouble. Ironically, he goes in anyway with Moose because he's been given $40. And when he gets inside there certainly is trouble as Moose begins to fight everyone that tries to come against him.


Marlowe is asked by Marriott to come with him to pick up a necklace he has to buy back out in the middle of nowhere in the canyons. Marlowe tells him it's dangerous and he'd be foolish to go. Ironically, he goes anyway because Marlowe is paying him $100, and he seems to do just about anything for a little bit of money.


Marlowe comes to the Grayle house with Ann. He describes it as a cozy home, very welcoming. Ironically it's a mansion as big as a city block. Marlowe says he needs a compass just to find his way out to the mailbox.


Marlowe is at Grayle's home and insists on seeing Amthor to which Helen says that he is inaccessible at all time. Ironically, just as she says this Amthor himself walks through the door and greets both her and Marlowe. This becomes the point that Marlowe starts to understand that there's more going on here than he anticipated.

Sick Man

Marlowe has just woken up from his drug induced fog and walks into the doctors office. The doctor tells Marlowe that he is a sick man and needs to get back to bed. Ironically, the doctor pulls a gun on Marlowe. The doc knows he isn't sick, but that he is held under captivity for information that Amthor wants to pry out of him.

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