Mrs. Warren's Profession

Mrs. Warren's Profession Character List

Vivie Warren

A recent graduate of Cambridge University, Vivie is 22 years old.

Mrs. Warren

Vivie's mother, who works as a prostitute and owns brothels.

Mr. Praed

An architect.

Sir George Crofts

Crofts owns brothels throughout Europe with Mrs. Warren.

Frank Gardner

Vive's 20-year-old friend.

Rev. Samuel Gardner

Frank's father, who had a previous relationship with Mrs. Warren.

Mrs. Alison

The woman in whose house Vivie is staying in Haslemere.

Phillipa Summers

A woman whose beating of the senior wrangler at Cambridge was widely reported in the news.

Mrs. Latham

Vivie's former tutor.

Honoria Fraser

Vivie's friend, with whom she works at Chancery Lane in London.

The barmaid at Redhill

A woman with whom Frank used to be obsessed.


One of Frank's sisters.

Mrs. Gardner

Frank's mother and the Rev. Samuel's wife, who leaves the house before Mrs. Warren arrives.

Aunt Lizzie

Mrs. Warren's sister, who established herself as a respected lady in Winchester.

A clergyman

A clergyman got Mrs. Warren a position as a scullery maid before she worked as a prostitute.

Anne Jane

Mrs. Warren's half-sister, who worked in a whitelead factory and eventually died of lead poisoning.

Mrs. Warren's half-sister

An unnamed woman who, like Anne Jane, was one of Mrs. Warren's half-sisters. She married a government laborer and bore three children.


One of Frank Gardner's sisters.