Mr. Sammler's Planet Background

Mr. Sammler's Planet Background

Mr. Sammler's Planet, written by Saul Bellow, was published in 1970. It is about Artur Sammer, who is a Holocaust survivor; he is often caught with crazy people who promise endless possibilities.

Mr. Sammler is often disappointed at how the more society has luxury, the more we suffer. He eventually finds out how to become accepted by others, and he does what he is supposed to do. This, he realizes the best way to live is to do what you are told to do.

Mr. Sammler's Planet is sometimes judged as a response to the Holocaust because Mr. Sammler believes the Holocaust was a betrayal of a crazy species; citing more universal themes, some people think t­­­­­­­his is a powerful book because Mr. Sammler is trying to figure out the world. However it is read, Bellow's novel won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1971.

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