Mother Night Background

Mother Night Background

Mother Night is based on personal experience, for it is a well-known fact that Vonnegut saw the horrors of the war with his own eyes. This work was published in 1961, for it took him some time to reflect on his role in the war. He also knew about his fellow compatriots, who supported the Nazi ideology. All those factors made him think. He came to two conclusions: “when you are dead you are dead” and “make love when you can”.

This is a story about a person in the very middle of hurricanes of the world’s history. An attentive reader is going to find out many resemblances between Campbell and O’Hare and their creator. The author’s post-war life resembled a life of O’Hare, for it consisted of the same struggles with money, work and constantly growing family. Like many other war heroes, O’Hare couldn’t find his place in this new world.

However, the author did better than him, for he shared with Campbell an ability to move on, not to let the things, which took place in the past, poison his soul and mind, destroying him slowly. Although this story didn’t make his author famous, it became classic.

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