Monkey Beach Background

Monkey Beach Background

The recipient of the prestigious annually awarded Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize in 2001, Monkey Beach is Canadian author Eden Robinson's debut novel. It was published in 2000, and is about a girl named Lisamarie who possesses supernatural abilities.

The plot of Monkey Beach is seen through the eyes of Lisamarie, the protagonist, who also acts as the narrator. Lisamarie is a young woman whose brother has recently been lost at sea. She hopes for his safe return even amongst arduous odds. She has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings, which plays a large role in her day to day life and growth as a person. Lisamarie must eventually come to terms with the disappearance of her brother, and her own tumultuous inner being.

Monkey Beach was critically acclaimed. Eden Robinson received the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize for this novel, and the novel was also nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize as well as the Governor General's Award for English-Language Fiction.

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