Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Character List


This young boy is saddened by the strange death of his grandfather. With signs pointing to the supernatural, he travels to the children's home which housed his grandfather when he was young.


This young girl finds Jacob and serves as a sidekick in his adventures. She is the one who lets him into the time loop and later helps Jacob with his hunt for the hollowgast. She's described by Jacob as being "strikingly beautiful." Her peculiarity is the ability to spout flames from her hands.

Miss Peregrine

This woman runs an orphanage for children called peculiars who each have a unique power. For instance, one child is invisible and another has superhuman strength. She herself is a shapeshifter who can become a bird. The novel's final conflict arises when she is kidnapped and kept in her bird form.

Grandpa Portman

Abe Portman is Jacob's grandfather, who grew up in the children's home on the island of Cairnholm under the supervision of Miss Peregrine. While in the home, he developed a relationship with Emma Bloom. Abe left the island and fought in the army, eventually moving to America and starting a new family. He dies at the very beginning of the novel, but leaves Jacob with the information he needs to find Miss Peregrine and her time loop on Cairnholm.

Franklin Portman

Son of Abe and father of Jacob, he is an avid birdwatcher and aspiring author, but cannot seem to finish a book and get published. He accompanies Jacob to Cairnholm to study the bird species there.

Maryann Portman

Jacob's mother, she loves her son but believes he is mentally ill after his stories of seeing a strange monster kill his grandfather.

Dr. Golan

Jacob's psychiatrist, he turns out to be a wight that has been following Jacob his entire life, hoping to be led to Cairnholm.


One of the peculiar children, he has the power of invisibility.


One of the peculiar children, he has the ability to take life from one source and put it into another. He is able to raise the dead to speak with them by using the life from another animal's heart.


Jacob's only friend before traveling to Cairnholm, Ricky and Jacob develop a friendship based on mutual need. Jacob helps Ricky pass English, while Ricky ensures that Jacob is not tormented by bullies at school.

Miss Avocet

One of Miss Peregrine's ymbryne friends, she escapes kidnapping by wights and comes to warn Miss Peregrine about the danger.


One of the peculiar children, she possesses superhuman strength.


One of the peculiar children, she is wild-looking and has the ability to make all kinds of plants grow with her mind.


One of the peculiar children, she has the ability to float on air. She must wear leaden shoes to keep herself on the ground.


A peculiar child, she has a mouth on the back of her head.


One of the peculiar children, he has a colony of bees living inside his mouth.


One of the peculiar children, he has prophetic dreams about the future.


The owner of Priest Hole, he frequently interacts with Jacob and his father during their time on the island.


The fishmonger in the town of Cairnholm, he is the first person to take Jacob anywhere near the abandoned house.


Dylan's friend, he also comes along to show Jacob how to get to the house.


He is the museum curator in the town of Cairnholm, who is later killed by a hollowgast.


Martin's eighty-year-old uncle, he was alive at the time when the peculiar children still inhabited the house before their loop. He tells Jacob the story of how the house was bombed.

Miss Finch

She is one of Miss Peregrine's ymbryne friends.

Miss Bunting

She is Miss Avocett's ymbryne partner in teaching the academy for ymbrynes where Miss Peregrine herself attended. Miss Bunting is captured by wights toward the end of the novel.


Bronwyn's brother and one of the peculiar children, he was killed by a hollow. Enoch often rouses Victor with his ability so that they can speak with him.


Dr. Golan's hollow companion, he kills Martin and eventually is killed by Jacob.