"Miss Clairol" and Other Short Stories Summary

"Miss Clairol" and Other Short Stories Summary

Miss Clairol

The story Miss Clairol is about a single mother Arlene and 10 year old daughter, Champ. Champ is yet to hit puberty and she is intrigued with the ways her mother lives and spends all her time on herself. Arlene promises to teach her how to be pretty one day. Arlene’s character is full of disgust as she appears profane in front of a child and doesn’t pay much heed to her.

The Moths

The Moths is about the fourteen year old narrator and her relationship with her family members. She was indifferent towards her sisters because she was not pretty like them. Her grandmothers calls her to live with her as she was ill. The narrator begins looking after her grandmother. One day, the cancer finally kills her grandmother. The narrator cleans up her body, fills the bath tub, strips herself and takes the grandmother’s body to the bath tub, when they enter the tub, the moths come out of grandmother’s mouth from her soul. The moths that eat up the spirit. The moths filled up the bathroom and the narrator knew grandmother had died and wished to follow the moths. She cried till she could no more and the story ended.

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