Miss Brill Characters

Miss Brill Character List

Miss Brill

A schoolteacher from England who is in France, a lonely and old woman who thinks she is in a play and is the butt of people's jokes. Everyone in the story interacts with one another, but Miss Brill never speaks to anyone in the story. She only observes. 

Old Man

Holds a curved walking-stick. Coupled with the old woman. Sits on Miss Brill's "special seat."

Old Woman

Knits on her embroidered apron. Coupled with the old man. Sits on Miss Brill's "special seat."

Two Peasant Women

Two peasant women with funny straw-hats, coupled with the two donkeys. 


Wears a panama hat and button boots. Married to the Englishman's Wife, his coupling.

Englishman's Wife

A woman going without her spectacles. Married to the Englishman, her coupling.

Two Soldiers

They wear blue. They are coupled with the young girls.

Two Young Girls

They wear red. They are coupled with the soldiers.

Violet Woman

A  woman carrying violets. Coupled with the little boy.


A mean, obnoxious young boy also known as "the boy" who makes rude comments about Miss Brill at the end of the story. Coupled with "Heroine".


A snotty, obnoxious young girl also known as "the girl", who refuses to make love to "the boy" in the presence of Miss Brill. Coupled with "Hero".


The child in the park's mother, couples with him.


A child playing in the park, couples with his mother.

Little Boy

A little boy who feels poisoned by the flowers. Coupled with the Violet Woman.


A cold, pale nun. A symbol of virginity and chastity. Does not couple.

Two Donkeys

Beautiful, smoke-colored donkeys. Coupled with the two peasant women.


Tall, stiff, and dignified, he couples with the ermine toque (the fur) of the Violet Woman.

Four Girls

Four rowdy girls in the park, couple with each other.

Old Invalid

An old man that Miss Brill reads to, does not couple with anyone.

The Baker

A man that Miss Brill buys cakes from, but on the day of the story she doesn't. Does not couple with anyone.

Funny Old Man

A man nearly knocked over by the four girls. Does not couple with anyone.

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