Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Imagery

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Imagery

The Imagery of Brainwaves

Dweck expounds, “People with both mindsets came into our brain-wave lab at Columbia. As they answered hard questions and got feedback, we were curious about when their brain waves would show them to be interested and attentive. People with a fixed mindset were only interested when the feedback reflected on their ability. Their brain waves showed them paying close attention when they were told whether their answers were right or wrong. But when they were presented with information that could help them learn, there was no sign of interest. Even when they’d gotten an answer wrong, they were not interested in learning what the right answer was. Only people with a growth mindset paid close attention to information that could stretch their knowledge. Only for them was learning a priority.” The imagery of brain waves proposes biological proof that extricates fixed and growth mindsets. The brainwaves react inversely subject to whether one takes up a fixed or a growth mindset. The lab experimentations are concrete; hence, they generate unqualified confirmation on how a fixed mindset rebuffs learning whereas a growth mindset promotes unremitting learning.

The Imagery of Christoper Reeve

Dweck elucidates, “In 1995, Christopher Reeve, the actor, was thrown from a horse. His neck was broken, his spinal cord was severed from his brain, and he was completely paralyzed below the neck. Medical science said, So sorry. Come to terms with it. Reeve, however, started a demanding exercise program that involved moving all parts of his paralyzed body with the help of electrical stimulation…Doctors warned that he was in denial and was setting himself up for disappointment...Five years later, Reeve started to regain movement. First it happened in his hands, then his arms, then legs, and then torso. He was far from cured, but brain scans showed that his brain was once more sending signals to his body that the body was responding to.” Christoper Reeve’s imagery embodies prodigious resilience, and an inexorable growth mindset. Reeve was not dispirited by the scientific logic regarding his condition. The robust will to pull through empowered him to discredit all the doctors’ contentions. The doctors portrayed a fixed mindset because they had more faith in their previous experiences, and scientific Logos instead of crediting Reeve’s growth mindset. Reeve stretched beyond the doctors’ imaginings due to his incisive, pounding growth mindset.

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