Maurice Background

Maurice Background

Maurice is a novel about homosexuality written by E. M. Forster. It was first published after several years of revision and work in 1971, a year after the death of its author. The book was initially written between the years 1913 and 1914, revised both in 1932 and between 1959 and 1960. There are several different editions written, as Foster heavily depended on others feedback when deciding the plot.

Maurice follows the story of Maurice as he is coming of age. He notices at the young age of fourteen that he has different relationship goals and hopes for the future than his friends do, and is intrigued by same-sex love instead of the heterosexual love that is blatantly performed in the society he grows up in.

The book has been adapted into a movie named after the book which was released in 1987. It was also adapted into a screenplay produced by SNAP Theatre Company which had a tour in 1998. Newer productions include a play at Above the Stag which was performed first in 2010 and later in 2018.

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