Matched Irony

Cassia’s observation of Xander (Situational Irony)

In Chapter 1, Cassia observes that whoever gets Matched with Xander will be "thrilled" (Page 6). This is, of course, incongruous with what ultimately transpires, as it is she who is Matched with him -- and she is indeed thrilled.

Xander’s Trust in Ky (Situational Irony)

At the very end of Chapter 14, when Cassia is concerned as to why Ky would have her compact and not give it back, Xander says earnestly that she can trust Ky. This is an ironic statement because it is Ky who is causing a rift in Xander and Cassia’s relationship that Xander isn’t even aware of; so, while Cassia may be able to trust Ky, Xander most certainly cannot.

“It Must Be My Imagination” (Page 193) (Dramatic Irony)

In Chapter 17, on her date with Xander, Cassia observes that the food portions that the Society has been providing her seem unusually small. Her increased fitness as of late should be an indicator that she needs larger meals, yet she seems to be receiving smaller ones. In a very unconvincing conclusion, Cassia says -- in a line independent from the paragraphs before and after it -- that it “must be [her] imagination” (Page 193). An obviously unsatisfying explanation for the reader, this statement is Condie’s way of using ironic foreshadowing to let the reader know that Cassia probably doesn’t have the right idea here, and that the true nature of her small portions won’t be fully explained until later.

Cassia Not Knowing What the Compass Is (Dramatic Irony)

Cassia has many interactions with Ky’s compass while having no idea what it is. She describes it as being similar in shape to her compact, but with a needle and four letters: N, E, S, and W. Though she personally doesn’t learn its name or what it is for until later, the reader is intended to know from the beginning that what she is describing is a compass, without her actually using its name.