Mary Wroth: Sonnets Summary

Mary Wroth: Sonnets Summary


In the poem "Song," Lady Mary Wroth compares the love to a spoiled child who is consistently crying. No matter what you give him, what you do for him, he wants more; craves for more. He will deceive you and take pride in it. He is like wolves during preying, hell-bent towards destruction. She concludes the poem by saying that it is better to leave that spoiled child (love) crying than to fulfilling his demands and causing pain to oneself.

Pamphilia To Amphilanthus: Sonnet-1

This is the first sonnet of Mary Wroth’s sonnet sequence Pamphilia To Amphilanthus. In this sonnet, the poet describes the night when the darkness enveloped her senses and she went to sleep. She saw a chariot drawn by desire where sat Queen of love, Venus and her son sat at her feet, adding fire to burning hearts. One heart among them flamed more than the rest and the Goddess ordered her son to put it to poet’s breast. He obeyed her and shot poet’s heart with the burning her and he has been a lover since then. She hopes that it was a dream but she can’t as she has been in love.

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