Marriage A-La-Mode Characters

Marriage A-La-Mode Character List


King of Sicily and father of Palmyra. He usurped the throne from the rightful king, Leonidas's father and forbade Palmyra and Leonidas to get married.


A fisherman who raises Polymara and Leonidas. After series of lies, he reveals the truth about the origins of Polymara and Leonidas, which enables them to get married.


Young man, raised by fisherman Hermogenes, son of the rightful king of Sicily. When he discovers the truth about his origins, Leonidas decides to overthrow the usurper Polydamas and to marry Palmyra.


Daughter of Polydamas, also raised by Hermogenes. After her father is overthrown she is finally allowed to marry Leonidas.


Polydamas's favorite, who wants to marry Palmyra


Sister of Argaleon. She is in love with Leonidas.


The captain of the King's guard, husband of Dolarice, and friend of Palamede. He is in love with Palamede's intended Melantha, but afterwards he becomes reconciled with his wife Dolarice.


Rhodophil's friend and courtier, who is engaged to Melantha, but falls in love with Dolarice, Rhodophil's wife. After the truth comes out, he breaks off his relationship with Dolarice and agrees to marry Melantha.


Rhodophil's wife pursued by Palamede.


Engaged to Palamede, pursued by Rhodophil.


Malentha's maid.


Dolarice's maid.

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