Marriage Background

Marriage Background

"Marriage" is a play by Nikolai Gogol was written in 1833-1835 years, and published in 1842.

Gogol began work on the comedy, originally named "Grooms" in 1833. In May 1835 he gave Pogodin excerpts from the play "Provincial bride" (the action took place in the village, but already the main characters and story line has been outlined). Around the same time, comedy has got the final name of "Marriage", and its action was moved to St. Petersburg.

In the fall of 1835 and spring of 1836 Gogol wanted to give it to the stage, however, having been engaged with "The Government Inspector", he changed his mind. The play was completed in 1841 for the ready collection of stories. The premiere took place on December 9, 1842 (in St. Petersburg) and February 5, 1843 (in Moscow). Both performances were not successful. "Marriage" was ahead of its time: as the critics later admitted.

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