MaddAddam Background

MaddAddam Background

The final installment of Canadian writer Margaret Atwood's three book dystopian trilogy, MaddAddam was published in August 2013. It concludes the storyline which started with Oryx and Crake, continuing on to The Year of the Flood.

MaddAddam follows characters previously introduced in the series, primarily the characters Zeb and Toby, two survivors of the biological catastrophe which the series centers around, who narrate the story. The book chronicles their efforts, along with other survivors, to rebuild civilization.

The novel has a fairly straightforward storyline; however, it also utilizes a more unique format where it periodically switches into the fact to tell a more fleshed out backstory of the characters. This was also seen in Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, the other two books in the series.

MaddAddam was critically well-received, with a New York Times reviewer saying: "Atwood has brought the previous two books together in a fitting and joyous conclusion that’s an epic not only of an imagined future but of our own past."

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