Lucky Jim Metaphors and Similes

Lucky Jim Metaphors and Similes

Pale in face (Simile)

When Margaret retell about Jim’s visit, when she was recovering after the attempt of a suicide, she describes his appearance: “You looked as if you’d been watching some frightful gruesome operation, white as a sheet and all hollow-eyed”. His look expressed his feelings, he must have been perplexed and confused, as one never knows what to say and how to act in the situation like this, when one of your acquaintance tries to commit a suicide. And his “hollow-eyed” look is the best proof of his embarrassment.

Call from the beyond (Simile)

When Dixon was spending an evening with Margaret in the bar he went to the lavatory, and when leaving, the door, instead of closing gently, swung up loudly and the effect “was like the discharge of a piece of ordnance”. This sound was like a call for him just walk out from both the restaurant and Maragater and Welch’s life, and never return. But the call of pity was stronger, and he joined Margaret in the bar.

Embedded in the Middle Ages (Metaphor)

When trying to get a place as a teacher of History at the university Dixon chooses the Middle Ages as his specialty with a purpose to show his interest in something specific and narrow, and it really helped him to get the job he had applied for. And when realizing that he had landed with medieval stuff and nothing else, he became rather disappointed, but there was nothing at the moment he could do. It seems like he has been narrowed in the Middle Ages not only as in the part of a discipline, but also limited in the boundaries to express and develop himself, as Middle Ages are knows for the lack of progress. Seems like he is trapped in the Ages that are mostly referred to as Dark Ages, and it has negative effect on his life at that moment, it is covered with dark clouds and no ray of sun can pierce through.

Hangover effect (Simile)

When James woke up after the evening that he had spent in the bar drinking beer, he did not feel well, “his gullet and stomach felt as if they were being deftly sewn up”. He got used to such feelings, as spending time in the bar was very pleasant for him. James very often resorts to several pints of beer, so hangover is something usual for him. This fact also reveals some characteristics of his – he may not be very responsible in some situations.

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